Wednesday, February 8, 2012

These memories will last forever!

The map which my Mom tracked our Trip!
 "The tide nor time waits for no man!" That was a saying that an elderly gentleman,working for Burger King at the time, told my bother-in-law and me some 19 years ago and it has always stuck with me!  It rings true now more than ever before as we come back from our journey and enter back into the working world.  Its hard to believe that 9-1/2 months went by so fast!  When we got the news that Karen and Norman would need to be back in California in 3 weeks for filming of an upcoming reality show, we looked at each other and decided it was time to make a beeline for home. This was the official ending of our long awaited trip. Problem is, we don't have a home! Our houses were rented out at the start of this adventure, so we were going to have to make due with our trusty camper!  We drove straight through from Williams, Arizona to Chattanooga, Tennessee (1700 miles) in two days!  We slept in trucks stops and rest areas for shut eye. We didn't even bother opening the slides on the camper.  The entire family including Norman slept in the master bedroom!  I thought it was a fitting way to end the journey, almost like a symbol of  how close our family had become over the duration of this trip. The next couple of weeks was spent visiting friends and family and preparing for our next new adventure!  Karen and Norman will be flying to California to start taping their new show. I will be starting a new career at Toyota and Lexus of Greenville as the Service director over both stores and the kids will be spending some time with their grand parents while Karen is away.

                   So how I do i wrap up this entire adventure with words?  I don't think words could describe how beautiful the sunrise is coming up on Cadillac Mountain, Maine on the morning of my birthday!  I don't think words can describe whats its like to stand and wait for Old Faithful to spew its boiling water hundreds of feet in the air.  I don't think words can describe what its like to stand at the foot of Mount St Helens and smell the spruce and fir trees in the cool mountain air or see the devastation that was left behind. I don't think words can describe how the Grand Canyon is so big you feel like you cant really even see it! I don't think words can describe what its like to stand at the base of a giant Sequoya Redwood tree and feel so small!  I don't think words can describe how proud you feel when your wife and dog turns into a celebrity right before your eyes and even better than that, watching her live her dream. I don't think words can describe the joy you have as a parent to listen to your kids laugh like there are no boundaries.  Even if it means they need to change their under wear from peeing in them because the laughed so hard.  I don't think words can describe how close our family has become from a journey like this. It takes a close family to pull something like this off as the limits of our sanity were tested time and time again!  They always say "That which does not kill you will only make you stronger!"  I feel our family is stronger now than ever! As I walk through work and share this amazing story with all the new people in my life, I find myself welling up with emotions of a happiness so strong it makes me almost cry! Thank you Mom and Dad Cobb & Mom and Dad Terry for supporting our dream and never talking us out of it or even asking the question of "What if?" Our family has memories that will live in us forever and a photo album to help jog any that we may forget! Karen looked at me during this trip and said "This could be the best year of our life!" She may be right but I like to think that what we enjoyed together as a family is only the beginning of a life that ......................... "I don't think words can describe!"

Thank You for following along on our adventure!


The Cobb Family!


  1. Chris, I'm so glad you got the short opportunity to do this trip. From personal experience I know everything you are saying, and what you mean when you say it. The trip will always be something you look back on fondly - and the things that were problems become anecdotes - the things that meant something, will always stay with you.

    We're sad to see a great family leave the life, but understand that you were never meant to be permanent travellers. Enjoy your resettled life, and if we ever get out your way, we'll look you up, and get to share a few more stories.

    Robert and the family

    1. Robert,

      It was great meeting you and your family! As we settle into our new surroundings its nice to know in the back of my mind that anything is possible and people are still living the dream that we have left to go back to the "Rat Race!" The memories and friends we made along the way will stay in our memories forever! Take care and continue to live the dream!

  2. I got chills and almost cried reading this entry. I enjoyed so much living through you guys on your trip. Thanks so much for blogging this all and for taking the time to update us all. You are a fabulous writer.

  3. Chris,
    We are happy you made it home safely, wow your ending comments brought tears to our eyes. What a great opportunity for Karen & Norman...look forward to seeing them on TV. We will miss your blogs, you're such a great writer and many times your updates brought laughter. We wish you well and if you're ever back in Vermont please don't hesitate to call. Sam & Pat Clement and family