Sunday, May 15, 2011

Washington DC was a Long Day!!!!!!

Last night we drove 200 miles to Washington DC from our campground.  When we left the campground, the camper was placed in day parking, because all the sites at the campground were booked for the weekend.  Today we got up at 6:30 to begin our day of shooting with Natural Balance Dog Food Company.  We traveled to the Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium and met up with Tillman and his owner and the entire Natural Balance crew.  Norman rode his scooter in front of the stadium with the cameras rolling and he did a great job!  After Tillman the bulldog rode his skateboard, we then proceeded to the entrance of Nationals Park where we met Steve Garvey and his family and led a parade lap with all the dogs and owners that showed up for the event "Pups in the Park".  We stayed until the 5th inning of the game and then decided it was time to head back to the campground. 

Back on the road again for another 200 mile road trip!  While on the way back, Karen called to see if we could get a spot at the campground.  They said there was one cancellation, therefore one spot WAS available.  However, they couldn't hold it, because its first come first serve for same day reservations.  Well guess what?  After 3-1/2 hours in the truck we show up and no campground spot was available!  Plan B -hotel until Sunday night because all the weekend warriors will be going home and the camp empties out! Sooooo we traveled 35 miles south to the nearest hotel that has occupancy and will take Norm! I finish this blog tired of driving and missing our little hotel on wheels.  Just the ordeal of bringing everything into the hotel room reminds me of why we went the camping route instead of hotel hopping.

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  1. Yes the hotel thing was not the plan, I am loving all the pics and blogs,Through your eyes I am truly getting to see parts of the US i have not seen before, and your journey has just began, So keep them coming, Hope it is all you thought it would be and more. You guys stay safe,